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A key social issue at the moment is homelessness and rough sleeping. It is sadly a common feature of city or town living that you will inevitably see a number of people on the streets: male or female, young or old.

The Huffington Post recently set up a pop-up news desk in Birmingham City Centre and appealed, via a Facebook page, for stories that were of interest to the local community. It was clear that one of the key concerns was homelessness. What was also clear was that there was a great deal of misunderstanding about the agenda: many commenters struggled to recognise the complexities of the issue, understandably believing that all homeless people could simply be housed in our many empty properties, therein solving the problem.

I was asked to put together a blog for Huffington Post, aimed at dispelling some myths and explaining why the solution is sadly not so simple. I struggled: how can you possibly sum up the many complexities of homelessness in 400 words or less, in a way that a person not working in a related sector can understand?

Read the results of my attempts here

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