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ASB Advice Surgery


  • In order to support our clients and contacts (“you”), Janine Green ASB & Associates (‘our’/‘us’/‘we’) offers a free advice service
  • If you require support or advice with an ASB related matter, you can book a Teams call (via a booking link) for a free 15-minute call with one of our team. Please note, you must use a work email from a recognised ASB related organisation (housing provider, council, police, charity etc) to book a call.
  • We cannot offer surgery slots to victims of ASB.
  • Following the call, you will receive an email with an overview of the advice provided
  • This service is subject to the our fair use policy, which is detailed below.

What is the fair use policy?

  • This service is provided free of charge to give added value and support to our clients and contacts. It is not meant to replace any of our paid for services (details of which are on our website)
  • The fair usage policy is designed to cover situations such as:
    • Where queries are more complex and, therefore, require more time than the upper limit of time the surgery can give
    • Where one person/organisation books multiple time slots (across a 12-month period) which impact on the ability for us to offer availability to other clients/contacts
    • Where repeated cancellations are made by the same person/organisation
  • This policy helps ensure we can offer this service fairly to all our clients/contacts

1. Booking a call

Clients and contacts can book a video call with us via the link below. If none of the dates/times suit, or any technical issues are encountered, you can email Cathy@greenandburtonasb.co.uk. 

2. How can you use the service?

Each video call will be deemed a contact. If an enquiry is responded to in full (meaning the video call is completed and an email sent summarising the advice sent to you), then all subsequent enquiries will be treated as new contacts. An enquiry should be a one-off enquiry where there is a specific question that requires a response.

Contacts cannot be ‘added together’ as a block to enable you to access more advice related to one enquiry. An example of this would be booking 2 back to back sessions on the same day.

We cannot accept multiple bookings about the same enquiry, nor can the sessions be used to gain the same benefit that would otherwise be received through a paid for service.

Examples of this:

  • The surgery cannot be used for training purposes
  • The surgery cannot be used to replace a case supervision/review process (e.g. a booking is made every month to discuss progress on the same matter)
  • The surgery cannot be used as a continuous review of a project or document (e.g. you area developing a new ASB policy and book monthly calls to share progress and get support as the draft develops)

If the enquiry is deemed too detailed or wide in scope to be dealt with via the surgery, we will inform you as soon possible. We will always be transparent from the off-set of the session about how much support we can provide. We can provide a quote for any additional work that you may require, but you will never receive an invoice for services that you have not explicitly and expressly agreed to in writing.

3. Fair Usage

To ensure that we can provide this benefit to as many contacts and clients as possible, use of this service is subject to certain restrictions (in addition to those set out above):

  • Where repeated cancellations are made, by an individual or individuals from the same organisation. We understand the plans can change and will be reasonable, but we need to balance this with ensuring that other clients/contacts can access the service too.
  • If more than 12 bookings are made over a 12-month period by the same individual or individuals from the same organisation.

4. Monitoring

We will monitor contact made by us and will get in touch to let you know if you are close to reaching capacity of what we can offer or if we have noticed repeated cancellations. This is to review the service with you only. It does not mean that the service will be withdrawn and the purpose is only to offer our support and see whether there is another way we can provide you the same level of service but without the impact on the capacity the service has and the accessibility for other clients/contacts.

We will also monitor the reasons for contact. Whilst the discussions during the surgery sessions are confidential and dealt with in line with our privacy policy, we may share general information across our wider contact/client based, to ensure all gain benefit from the advice. For example, if we notice that several calls have related to a particular topic, we may draft an advisory note or arrange a video briefing on the subject. This would not reference any details from your session that breaches confidentiality.

We hope this service brings you lots of value. Please contact Eloise@greenandburtonasb.co.uk with any queries or comments about this policy.

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