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Supporting your organisation with service reviews, case audits, policy services and case reviews to help you and your team navigate the complexity of the world of ASB.


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Expert Insight & Counsel

We understand the unique challenges and regulations that apply to the United Kingdom and Internationally, and we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to address and mitigate anti-social behaviour issues in your community. From tailored assessments and action plans to ongoing support and guidance, we are committed to helping you create safer and more harmonious environments. With a focus on UK specific and International strategies and outcomes, our advisory services are designed to meet your specific needs and legal requirements. Partner with us to proactively address anti-social behaviour concerns and ensure a better quality of life for your community.


Service Reviews

  • Are you concerned that your ASB service isn’t working as effectively or efficiently as it could be, but are not sure why?
  • Have you identified some areas of need but require some additional support and/or expertise to assist the service in moving forward?
  • Is your service working well but you would like an external review of how it may best continue to develop in the future?
  • Have you recently had a poor ombudsmen finding, scrutiny review or other similar assessment, and wish to have an independent and expert opinion on the findings?
  • Has the new regulatory standards for housing prompted you to commission a service review to ensure compliance, assessing the effectiveness of your current ASB policies, and identify areas for improvement in managing anti-social behaviour among residents?

If you have answered yes to any or all of the above...

Our ASB Service Review can support with reviewing your entire  ASB service.

Working with hundreds of organisations and identifying the key foundations/elements of the most effective ASB Services we have developed a framework that is unique in the sector. This framework can help you as an organisation to identify the strengths and areas of developmental need in your approach.

How we can support your organisation:  

  • Complete an ASB Service review assessment using our framework
  • Conduct activities against the framework to stress test and provide additional assurance on your approach.
  • Compile a report is compiled findings and recommendation which are designed to challenge your organisation to be the best it can be within the realms of resource and financial capacity.
  • We can also conduct similar reviews across partnerships. For example we can look at how well councils, police and housing work together.

As regulation is changing in relation to social housing providers there will be tighter and more proactive auditing of ASB services. This service allows you as an organisation to get ahead and make improvements now, before any inspections from the regulator.

Get in touch to discuss an ASB service review for your organisation.

“Last year, I was given the opportunity to commission someone to help review our ASB service. Thankfully, I was able to speak to Janine. It was clear from the beginning that Janine understood the challenges of working within an ASB team. She was able to review our policies and procedures, offer an improvement plan and a final report of other things to consider within our service, all within our timescales. Janine is professional, knowledgeable and very approachable. I cannot speak more highly of the work that Janine undertook for us”

ASB Manager, Housing Association

Tactical Support With strategic Intent

ASB Case Reviews

The ASB case review is a legal process that every local authority area must have in place. It allows resident to request a review of their ASB case, if they feel that their case has not been dealt with effectively.

We can assist in several ways in relation to this process:

  1. Reviewing the policy and processes that your organisation has in place to ensure that you adhere to all relevant legislation; the statutory guidance and industry best practice.
  2. We can act as independent chair for the case review itself. This can give assurance to the resident requesting the review that it is independent and can ensure specialist support for complex matters.
  3. A range of training packages to support the process of conducting a case review, ensuring the approach is robust.

We have particular expertise within the associate team around this. Our specialist Katy Anderson has worked for a national organisation who are at the forefront of shaping legislation and practice in relation to the process. She has significant experience and expertise to be able to support your organisation with this essential process – and helping your team with their overall effectiveness and approach.

Tackling ASB can help to mitigate and reverse the negative mental health effects, avoidance behaviours and decreased economic productivity observed where anti-social behaviour is prevalent.

Tactical Support With strategic Intent

ASB Case Audits

  • Do you have a case which has been particularly complex or is stagnating and you need it resolved?
  • Have you had a concern or complaint regarding an outcome from an ASB case from a resident or other agency?
  • Could an independent audit support you with understanding your actions and approach with a case?

If you have answered yes to any or all of the above...

Our ASB Case Audit service involves reviewing an ASB case and then providing a report with findings and recommendations that you can incorporate into your future approaches. We can not only provide insight into the specific case, but we can also make suggestions about service improvements more generally.

In the scenario where the case is still open a clear action plan will be suggested to help move the case to resolution. This is beneficial where a case has been open a long time and you may be challenged in understanding how to progress it.

If your complainant is unhappy about how a case has been managed and an independent view is required, this is an ideal service to commission.

If you have a case where the outcome has resulted in service complaints being made, you may wish to understand whether you have acted appropriately and taken all reasonable steps to come to the conclusion that you have. This could prevent the case being referred to the housing ombudsman service. We want to help you to avoid any negative findings, ensuring that you avoid any bad publicity or sanctions which could interrupt your service.

Get in touch with us to organise a case audit for your organisation.

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