Effectively Dealing With Non-ASB Noise Reports

 A course designed to equip frontline officers and managers with innovative strategies for tackling the complexities of neighbour disputes within ASB roles. Revolutionise how to approach and managing these challenging scenarios, fostering confidence and effectiveness in resolution.

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Effectively Managing non-ASB Noise Reports

Not all reports of noise will amount to ASB.

Factors such as the fabrication of a building, the tolerance of neighbours and the well-being of those making the report can all lead to someone reporting noise which simply would not be reasonable to categorise as ASB.

Yet, in the absence of having clear and alternative options, officers seeking to do the right thing may categorise these types of reports as ASB.

This can lead to cases being open too long, tensions between parties being inadvertently heightened, and high-levels of dissatisfaction, leading to poor customer feedback, service complaints and despondent officers.

Aligned with the Spotlight on Noise report and recent case determinations, this course aligns with the findings and recommendations of the Housing Ombudsman Service.

Aimed at front-line officers, or managers/team leaders wishing to benchmark their organisation’s current approach, learners will specifically explore:

  • The types of situations where noise reports may not reach the threshold to be considered ASB
  • The factors to consider when triaging and assessing a report, to ensure that it is categorised correctly
  • The types of actions and responses which may be appropriate
  • Adopting a problem solving approach which seeks to identify the root cause
  • How best to work with residents reporting these types of concern.
  • The benefits of a Good Neighbourhood Management policy as it relates to noise.

Delivered by one of our experienced trainers and practitioners, this course will ensure that learners are able to confidently and quickly identify and best respond to non-ASB noise reports.

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