Drafting A Notice Of Seeking Possession

Master the intricate art of drafting Notices of Seeking Possession, tailored for both secure and assured tenancies, empowering frontline practitioners, ASB/community safety teams, neighbourhood teams, rent teams, and in-house legal teams to achieve precision and professionalism in their tenancy actions.

We can develop a range of ASB and community safety related topics so please contact us if you cannot see a training programme that is required by your organisation.


Drafting A Notice Of Seeking Possession

Who is the course aimed at:

This course has been designed to cover the Notice of Seeking Possession for both secure and assured tenancies. For the purpose of the drafting exercise, learners will be given the template that is relevant to their organisation. This includes Frontline practitioners, ASB / Community safety teams, Neighbourhood Teams, Rent Teams, In-House legal teams.

The Notice of Seeking Possession is an integral part of the tenancy action process and is often described as the first step on the legal ladder when considering the recovery of a property.

This document is much more than “another warning letter” and as result, accuracy, detail and proportionality are everything.

This course will equip all relevant practitioners with the technical drafting skills required to prepare detailed, comprehensive and most importantly correct Notices.

Housing Providers will be increasingly aware of the risks faced by getting things wrong at such a pivotal stage of the case management process. This can have a negative impact upon organisational reputation and victim / complainant confidence.

Participation in this course will enable practitioners to demonstrate professionalism and best practice. It will also develop the confidence to draft high quality notices in response to breaches of tenancy and incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour which have reached the required threshold which stand up to scrutiny.

Do you work in Wales? We can also offer a similar course which covers law and practice relating to the Renting Homes Act. Contact us to find out more – email training@greenandburtonasb.co.uk


Learning Objectives: 

  • Understand how to draft a Notice of Seeking Possession.
  • Understand the full range of Grounds for Possession, how and when to include each ground and how to particularise each ground with evidence of incidents.
  • Overview of the process, Notice Periods and steps that follow after a Notice has been served.
  • Gain practical drafting experience along with template document.

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