Practical Use Of The ASB Injunction

A programme designed to upskill on the the legal test required for securing an injunction (housing related and non-housing related) and utilising the ASK injunction to it’s best effect.

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Practical Use Of The ASB Injunction

This course is aimed at practitioners using, or wishing to start using, the ASB injunction to best effect. Practical in approach, it explores the case management process for preparing an Injunction application, considering legal requirements, statutory guidance and best practice. The aim is to ensure that learners have full understanding of the legal test, the types of behaviours the tool can be used for and the steps they can take in their case management processes to ensure the best possible order is secured that protects residents and communities while reducing the court time and cost involved in making these legal applications.

Specifically, learners will explore:

  • The legal test required for securing an injunction (housing related and non-housing related)
  • The types of situations where an injunction may be best suited, and the types of evidence required
  • How to comply with legislation and best practice with regards the consultation process and using positive requirements
  • Preparing the most effective draft order
  • Serving the order and considerations around publicity
  • Managing breaches, including where there is a power of arrest or where committal proceedings are required
  • The links to the absolute ground for possession

Janine provided training on tools to tackle youth ASB, to a multi-agency group of delegates. We received very positive feedback, with delegates commending on how engaging it was and how they could incorporate lots of the suggestions into improved practice.

Katie Whitehouse

Warwickshire County Council

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