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From ASB policy health checks through to full policy framework design and implementation,  Green & Burton ASB Associates can support your organisation with ensuring you have the right procedural infrastructure for your organisation. 


Effective Policy & Procedures

The Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2004 mandates social housing providers to establish an ASB policy and procedure. But merely having one isn’t enough; it’s crucial that your policy:

  1. Offers clear guidance to officers dealing with ASB for prompt and effective resolutions.
  2. Allows flexibility to address ASB cases with varying needs.
  3. Establishes a consistent approach across officers and areas.
  4. Provides benchmarks for monitoring and supporting officer performance.
  5. Manages expectations of residents, partners, and elected members.
  6. Helps handle service complaints, investigations, and legal cases efficiently.
  7. Reflects updated legislation and policies, such as the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Green & Burton ASB offers comprehensive support tailored to the specific needs of all social housing providers, ensuring that their ASB policies and procedures not only meet legal requirements but also foster effective, fair, and efficient management of anti-social behaviour within their communities.

Our policy and procedure services include:

  1. Reviewing Existing ASB Documents: We can conduct thorough reviews of existing ASB documents, including policies and procedures. During this process, they carefully assess the effectiveness and compliance of the current documents with relevant legislation, regulations, and best practices. Based on their evaluation, they provide detailed recommendations for improvement to enhance the clarity, comprehensiveness, and legal adherence of the ASB framework.
  2. Offering Full Redrafting Services: In cases where existing ASB documents require significant updates or do not meet the necessary standards, Green & Burton ASB Associates offers full redrafting services. This involves a comprehensive overhaul of the ASB policy and procedure to ensure complete compliance with legislation, regulations, and best practices.
  3. Assisting in Drafting Neighbourhood Management Policies:  We are able to provide specialised assistance in drafting neighbourhood management policies, a key aspect of effective ASB management. These policies outline procedures for triaging and assessing ASB reports, ensuring that each incident is handled appropriately and in line with resident expectations. By establishing clear protocols for managing ASB at the local level, these policies help foster trust, cooperation, and satisfaction within the community.

why invest in asb policy services

Consistent and Confident Decision-Making by Officers:

A well-defined ASB policy provides clear guidance and protocols for officers to follow when dealing with incidents of anti-social behaviour. This clarity empowers officers to make consistent and confident decisions, ensuring that each case is handled fairly and effectively.

Managed Expectations and Increased Resident Satisfaction:

By outlining how ASB incidents are addressed and resolved, the policy helps manage the expectations of residents and other stakeholders. When residents understand the process and see prompt action being taken, it enhances their satisfaction with the housing provider’s responsiveness and commitment to their well-being.

Reduced Service Complaints:

An effective ASB policy can lead to a reduction in service complaints related to anti-social behaviour. Clear procedures and swift resolution of incidents can prevent issues from escalating and minimize the need for residents to escalate complaints. This not only improves overall resident satisfaction but also saves resources by reducing the time and effort spent on resolving disputes.

Justification of Decisions Under External Scrutiny:

In cases where decisions made by the housing provider are subject to external scrutiny, such as reviews by the Housing Ombudsman or court proceedings, having a well-documented ASB policy provides a solid foundation for justifying those decisions. It demonstrates that the provider followed established procedures and acted in accordance with relevant legislation, thereby strengthening their position in any legal or regulatory proceedings.

Achieve Better Outcomes

A well-crafted ASB policy and procedure are essential for social housing providers to effectively address ASB issues within their communities. By meeting the outlined criteria, organisations can enhance their ability to respond promptly, fairly, and efficiently to ASB incidents, ultimately fostering safer and more harmonious living environments for residents – providing better outcomes for all.

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